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I believe in bringing you many small and precious luxuries;



extraordinary quality, 


transcendant service, 



and value 


is what I provide and so m u c h more...


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age: 26

height: 5'3"

weight: 165

shoe: 38 or 7.5

background: ivy  education

languages: english, spanish

travels: portugal, panama, spain etc.

libations: kombucha, san pellegrino 

ethnicity: italian, estonian & scottish

dream destination: Belize


I offer an incredibly easy and quick screening option:


 it is a simple phone call away.







Here is how you start: 


Email me a greeting, short intro and phone number. 




I will get back to you promptly between 9 a.m. to 10 p.m. and can be ready for an appointment within 2 hours.


I do not need provider references, but you may include two or one in addition to work/personal info if that is your preference. Screening may take longer if references are the only infomoration you provide. Contacting me via DM on any of the social links/linkedin in addition to sending an email is helpful but not sufficient for my safety, we can text or call around extra info. I will not reply to DMs or social contact that do not also have an email to  I do have a discrete email address if you prefer to send or reply to an onnocuous email address from a work email account to verify workplace as screening. I am here to work with you and your preferences/privacy concerns to make the process simple, easy & sexy. 

  fmty, travel & sponsored tours available with ample